Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Fiddlefern Omelette

I really like it when the tindera (saleslady) at the market knows her product/s well.

We went to the weekend market to buy specific items, quickly finishing our errands and heading out into the parking lot when a tindera called my attention to her wares... Fiddlehead ferns, or pako in the vernacular.  I politely declined, saying that we were not in the mood for salad (which is the usual way that I know).  The tindera then informed me (with a slight indignation, I might add) that the pako can be prepared and cooked many other ways... sauteed with shrimps or dried fish, or simply with butter and garlic; as part of a ginataan (coconut cream) dish, especially crabs (!); or an elegant omelette...  that did it - I bought a bundle!  I wanted to make pako omelette!

First step, as always, is to trim the ferns from the stems.  The second step is to blanch the ferns briefly and then put them in an ice bath.  The last step in preparation is to dry to the ferns thoroughly.  Only then are the ferns ready.

Saute about 3 large cloves of garlic, grated, in about 1/4 cup of salted butter.  Set aside when done.

Meanwhile, beat 6 extra large eggs with 3 tablespoons of whipping cream and a large pinch of salt (or to taste).  Pour into a skillet (at least 10 inches, preferably 12 inches) and cook over medium heat.  Lift the edges of the omelette to let uncooked eggs slide underneath.

When the top of the omelette is almost set, place the sauteed fern tips in the middle and top with slices of white cheese (the local kesong puti is best).

Fold one side of the omelettle over...

Then fold the other side...

Transfer (carefully) to a serving platter and serve!

We found this dish to be super delicious, with the ferns still crunchy!  Now I can't wait to buy more ferns next weekend and prepare a ginataan dish... I hope I can find decently priced crabs as well!

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