Thursday, October 15, 2015

Frambled Eggs

I usually have a fried egg for breakfast everyday.  This is usually how I like it - crisp on the edge with a just cooked yolk (I don't like raw eggs!)...

But the other day I read an article about a "new" style of cooking eggs.  When I read the whole article though, I realized that we had already been making that kind of egg when we were kids... the article called them frambled eggs - a mix of fried and scrambled.  When I was young, we called it broken fried eggs!

It always starts with a couple of eggs poured into the pan.  If or when one of the yolks broke...

We would just mix it up! 

And we kept on mixing... and mixing...

We end up with eggs that are (what the article calls) frambled!

It's ok, I like it, but I prefer my go-to fried egg.  Hubby tried it too and he liked it!

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