Sunday, March 16, 2014

Datu Puti Special Suka Series

I saw these in the supermarket!  They came in a set, sort of a trial pack.

And I couldn't help it, I bought the set.  I wanted to try the various kinds, and this was perfect!  If I didn't like a particular variant, there'd be just a small amount to use up and if I liked a specific kind, I'd go and buy the regular bottle!

Suka, with the stress on the second syllable, is the local term for vinegar (the same term with stress on the first syllable means vomit!).  I'm not really an expert or even halfway knowledgeable about the different kinds because I grew up knowing 3 kinds of vinegar - the American white distilled (Heinz) vinegar, the Del Monte reddish brown cane vinegar and the sukang paombong, vinegar from coconut water, which we got from the nearby wet market.  I only learned about other kinds of suka when I traveled to various provinces - the sinamak I discovered when I went to my mom's home province a good 25 years ago...  the sukang tuba (from the sap of the coconut, same raw material as for lambanog!) when we were given a gift from a local farm... the sukang iloko when we went to Vigan with friends several years ago...  To know more about vinegars, here's a site that I found.

The one that I prefer mostly is still the sukang paombong, although sometimes it's pretty hard to find, so I settle for the sukang maasim of Datu Puti.  My most common use for it is as a dipping sauce (with garlic, onions, etc.) - for inihaw, fried fish, longganisa or tocino or daing (!), or as a cooking ingredient, mainly for paksiw and adobo!  Recently, though I discovered that I like it as an ingredient for bagoong vinaigrette!

Anyway, hubby asked me which one of the set was my favorite.  Obviously, I love the sukang tuba! (almost half the bottle gone!)  followed by the sinamak... And gues what?  I've discovered that if I mix the sukang tuba and sinamak in the ratio of 2:1, it's the best one for me!!!

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