Saturday, March 22, 2014

Firm Steamed Eggs with Enoki and Conpoy

Eggs are extremely versatile.  The can be breakfast, lunch or dinner.  And they can be prepared in a lot of ways.  In fact, if someone asked me what item I am never without in the kitchen, I'd say: eggs!

One of our favorite ways to cook eggs is a Chinese dish - Steamed Eggs.  This means that steamed eggs are a common dish in our house, with various fillers, of course.  It could be as simple as is, or a bit more substantial with fresh shrimp and ground pork, or outright lavish and luxurious with crabs!  This particular time, I've used fresh enoki mushrooms and conpoy (dried scallops).

This particular steamed egg dish has a firm texture, which is the kind that I grew up with.  Hubby, on the hand, knows steamed eggs with a soft, delicate texture, which he obviously prefers.  To compromise, we have both kinds alternatively.

To make a firm steamed egg dish, less water or stock is used in proportion to the eggs.  I usually use 6 eggs and 1 cup of stock or water.  Lightly beat the eggs and mix in the water/stock.  The egg mixture may be seasoned, especially if the add-ins are "bland". 

As for the fillings, I add in whatever is on hand, even left-over dinners.  Usually I pre-cook chopped shrimps and ground pork and scatter the bits in a Pyrex dish, then pour in the egg mixture.  This time I used enoki mushrooms that were left over and added rehydrated conpoy (dried scallops) for a special treat.

The dish is steamed for about 15 to 25 minutes, depending on the heat used.


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