Thursday, April 17, 2014

Buko (Coconut) Salad

The little girl likes buko (coconut) juice!!!  And she has been requesting for it these last few days.  Problem?  What to do with all that buko meat!!!  While a large chunk went into bibingka experiments, the rest went into a salad!

For some reason, I like buko salad without fruits and I like fruit salad without buko!  So my basic recipe for buko salad is this -

shredded coconut meat from 4 coconuts
1 large bottle of nata de coco (in extra light syrup)
1 small bottle of kaong
2 cups chilled all-purpose cream

Drain the nata de coco and kaong.  Toss with the coconut strips and cream.  Mix well.  If desired add some condensed milk (to sweeten the salad, but personally I don't add any).  Chill fully!

A variation of my recipe is using 1 cup cream and 1 cup macapuno ice cream (and adding some toasted pinipig, too!)

The sad news?  The little girl loves the juice but refuses to eat the meat or even the salad!

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