Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Minced Chicken and Corn Cups

This was originally intended to be (Thai) krathong thong,  but I didn't want to make the pastry "cups".  I found several recipes but they all seemed so complicated that I nearly backed out.  Well, I did back out of making the cups but I still wanted to make something like krathong thong.

So I decided to use those ready-made wonton wrappers that were available in the supermarket.  But I quickly realized that I needed something to form the wonton wrappers into a "cup" or "bowl" shape, otherwise it would be a flat shell with filling piled on top.

The only thing that I could find which could work was a an individual mold for puto (rice cake).  I used it in a similar way to a krathong thong mold.  As can be seen, it's not perfect (I've read that the mold is really crucial to achieve the shape) but it could contain a couple of tablespoons of filling (and yes, it is rather big for a krathong thong because the ones I've eaten are smaller than a mini muffin cup!)

Still, our guests found their snacks delicious!  In fact, someone asked for more... :)

This is how the filling was made...

Marinate, for 20 minutes or so, a cup of ground chicken with a teaspoon of rice wine, 2 teaspoons soy sauce and a teaspoon of hoisin sauce, as well as a small piece of ginger (grated).

The rest is easy - saute minced onions (a medium onion) and then add the chicken.  Add half a cup of drained corn kernels and cook until all liquid has evaporated.  Adjust seasonings as desired (a little chili or curry is good!).  Sprinkle chopped parsley and spoon into the cups!

I based my recipe for the filling from the book "Authentic Recipes of Thailand" (page 32) but I used more soy sauce and less salt, more corn and no carrots, parsley instead of coriander... and I added some chili!

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