Saturday, November 1, 2014

Last Minute Halloween Treats...

Halloween is a relatively new "holiday" where I'm from.  When I was a child, it was quite unheard of, in fact.  October 31 was simply the day (or night) before the day we visited our dearly departed.

In recent years however, it has become a really big deal!  There are all sorts of activities and the malls are full of Halloween decors and costumes... along side the Christmas decorations!

Anyway, the little girl has discovered Halloween in the last couple of days and all of a sudden wanted to celebrate it.  Unfortunately, I was unprepared.  I had to buy candies as well as figure out how to make Halloween treats that were not too scary for her (gory stuff like witches, ghosts, bloody what-nots...) but could qualify as Halloween-y.  Solution?  Google!

I found "spiders" made from cookies, frosting, and pretzel sticks.  Here is my version. 

And another one...

The little girl was surprised when I presented the "spiders" but she had a great time dismantling the legs and eyes and biting into the body!!!

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