Monday, January 13, 2014

Native Corn Fritters

I love corn.  And while the sweet Japanese variety is delicious, I love the local (or native) white corn better.  Especially when it is fresh and perfectly cooked.

Sometimes though, there's way too much corn on the cob for us to consume.  And when that happens, corn fritters are my favorite "recycled" food...

The recipe came from this book -

on this page, but the recipe can also be found online here.

As usual I fiddled around and did not faithfully follow the recipe...

I used fresh native corn, which is the white variety and quite sticky when cooked.

Then I omitted the lime juice because hubby is not a fan of the sour taste.

And since I didn't have cornmeal (and our local supermarket didn't have them either) I just used regular flour. 

Also, instead of cayenne pepper, I used ground black pepper (at least about 1/2 teaspoon!)

My fritters came out pretty good despite my fiddling with the recipe.

This recipe is a definite keeper!

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