Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dalandan Rooibos Iced Tea

The little girl is a fan of iced tea.  But we dislike Nestea or any of those "tea" drinks that are really just sugar, water and flavoring.  The good news is that she likes real tea... even the ones served at Chinese restaurants.  But her favorite is rooibos - caramel or Strawberry!

Anyway, we found dalandan at the local organic market the other day and she wanted some.  She said she wants the fruits for the juice to make tea.  I had to explain that to qualify as tea, there should be more than the fruit. 

I was actually confused for a while because the name plate read "Mandarin" so I asked the saleman what it was.  He said (at first) that it was the local orange or kahel.  And I just had to ask because as far as I know the local orange is dalandan.  He finally admitted that it was.  Of course I haggled the price of the dalandan to a reasonable one.  I also wondered how many people were fooled into paying a higher price for dalandan that was marketed as "Mandarin"...

Here is our dalandan rooibos iced tea!

The recipe:

about 7 pieces of largish dalandan, juiced
3 tablespoons caramel rooibos, steeped in 1/2 liter of hot water then strained and cooled
1 liter cold water
agave, as sweetener, to taste

Just mix everything in a juice pitcher.  Throw in a couple of slices of dalandan and chill thoroughly!

Here are the juiced dalandan.  The little girl was happy to help.  Actually she wanted to use the citrus juicer!  I used the reamer!

The dalandan fruits were seedless so no straining necessary!  And I do love a pulpy drink!  Feels more authentic... somehow.  The little loved her dalandan iced tea, although she asked for more sweetener.

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