Friday, February 6, 2015

Strawberry Vanilla Bundt Cake

which the little girl re-christened as "Crown of Strawberries Cake"... (note that she was the one who requested a strawberry cake!)

The cake is really a lemon pound cake, using a whole vanilla pod and fresh strawberries, baked in a half bundt pan.  It's topped with Vanilla-Bourbon Sauce and Strawberry-Vanilla Syrup, then garnished with fresh whole strawberries.

The whole process starts with butter, lemon sugar and caviar from a vanilla pod.

It ends with diced, fresh strawberries folded in...

The recipe should have baked in an 8 to 10-cup (regular) Bundt pan but I wanted to try out my new half-Bundt silicone pan.  I got a cake, 2 cupcakes and a dozen "half" cupcakes (using a muffin-top pan).  The non-stick silicone pan made unmolding the cake a breeze!

Here's a small "half" cupcake topped with Vanilla-Bourbon Sauce.  See the lovely flecks of vanilla?

Here's the cake topped with Vanilla-Bourbon Sauce.

And, here's how it looks inside!

Happy Birthday, A-te J!

Until next year...

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