Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream...

The little girl has a new toy.  It's a toy ice cream maker that makes REAL ice cream.

Of course, it cannot make a lot.  Just enough for one serving, in fact.

And the darn thing kept leaking!  What a waste of ice cream mix!

So what did I do with the rest of the ice cream mix?  I churned it, of course!  With what, you may wonder... (after all, I don't have an ice cream maker!)  Well, with 2 bowls, my favorite spatula, plenty of ice and salt!

In the beginning it was like stirring soup.

After 15 minutes...

It was like stirring thick soup... still nowhere near soft serve ice cream though.

More stirring and another 5 minutes (20 minutes from the beginning)...

Getting thicker and thicker... and the mixture had a couple of solid globs of ice cream!

Another 5 minutes (at 25 minutes)...

Getting there... getting there... (my arm and hand are getting really sore, though!)

After 30 minutes (and really sore arm and hand!  although to be truthful, hubby was the one who "churned" the ice cream the last 5 minutes!)...

Soft-serve ice cream... ready to eat!

I poured a pint into a carton ice cream container (to freeze firm in the freezer).  As for the rest (half a pint's worth) we ate it with gusto!  It was certainly perfect for the hot day... imagine that last Sunday at 3pm, the temperature recorded was the highest this year (Tuguegarao station) at 37.4*C!  Yesterday, it was 37*C!  Yikes!

What recipe did we use?  Technically I used David Lebovitz' Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe, with some changes:  first, I added about 1/2 cup dutch cocoa; then I substituted egg yolks with 1/3 cup greek style yogurt.  The ice cream mix essentially became no-cook, except for the dissolving of the cocoa in the milk.  I mixed the yogurt with the cream before adding the cooled cocoa-milk and other ingredients.  I stuck it in the ref for about an hour before "hand-churning" it.  

Anyway... hubby claimed that it was way, way better than any of the commercial ice creams!  As for the little girl?  She gave me a lot of kisses, which (she says) reflects how good the ice cream was!

And there were a lot of kisses!

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