Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Bunny Bread

Of all the holy days of obligation, I love Easter the most.  I might skip going to mass (every so) often but I (we) never miss Easter mass!  This year, we went to hear mass at the church where we got married.

Anyway, I initially planned on making Paashaasjes (Dutch Easter Bunny Bread), but with everything going on these days I was running behind schedule so at the last minute, I decided to make an Easter bunny (face) bread... using my favorite pan de leche recipe.

Take a peek at the inside of the bread...

And my favorite assistant...

I got the idea from this site.  Of course, I made slight modifications, mainly because I didn't have icing on hand.  I added a dough nose (instead of using frosting) and since I only had peanut butter chips, I used that for the eyes.

In any case, the bunny buns were a big hit!  Especially with the little girl!

Happy Easter everyone!

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