Thursday, April 9, 2015

Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

I've been making yogurt at home again!  And I purposely made a lot so that I could have an excuse to make frozen yogurt.  With strawberries still available in the market (although dwindling of late), strawberry frozen yogurt was the natural choice!

I decided to follow David Lebovitz' recipe, the one in his book "The Perfect Scoop" (page 91) except that I did not have an ice cream maker so I just made do with Mr. Lebovitz' suggestion for when you have no ice cream maker.

This particular experiment utilized regular, whole milk yogurt, and it produced a rather icy froyo (I also forgot to macerate the berries).  I will make another batch, and for that next experiment, I will use Greek-style yogurt (and remember to let the berries stand with sugar) and see if it makes for a less icy (hence, creamy) froyo...

In any case, it was really yummy!

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