Saturday, April 25, 2015

Strawberries and Bananas over Homemade Greek-style Yogurt

I bought a "yogurt maker kit/system" a couple of years ago.  Truth be told, making yogurt had never been easier!  But it was definitely not cheaper.  If I had the extra budget, I would buy the yogurt-maker's powdered yogurt mixes, otherwise, I tended to buy the cheaper, ready-made yogurt in the supermarket.  But hubby really prefers homemade yogurt, simply because the supermarket yogurt has sugar in it.

Recently however, someone told me that I could actually use the yogurt maker kit to make my own yogurt and not using their mix!  I didn't really have to use the kit with its branded yogurt mix.  I actually felt rather stupid for not thinking of it on my own.  Maybe it was because I believed the small print in its brochure, which said that the kit was best suited with their yogurt mixes; that it was not recommended to use the kit for other purposes.

Anyway, I went back to the "original" recipe I started with years ago - add old yogurt (a small tub) to (almost 1 liter of) milk to make new yogurt.  So I tried it.  I got old yogurt, mixed it with heated then cooled milk.  Then I placed it in the yogurt maker kit's inner jar and incubated it in the yogurt maker thermos.

Viola!  I got the best of both worlds!  And I've been continuously making yogurt with the previous batch's "old" yogurt!  I'm on my 4th generation already!  The farthest I got before was 6th generation... but the same someone also gave me a hint to "surpass" the weakening strain...  but for that I need to experiment again...

Anyway, since hubby prefers a thicker yogurt, I strain my 1 liter overnight.  I use the whey for hubby's smoothies, and the resulting Greek-style yogurt is perfect with fruits... healthy breakfast, right?

The only downside?  Straining the yogurt to make Greek-style yogurt results in less than 2 cups of Greek-style yogurt!

For each serving, toss 100 to 200 grams strawberries with 1 teaspoon sugar; let stand several minutes (the berries will exude some liquid).  Slice a banana into rounds.  Arrange the fruit in a small bowl of Greek-style yogurt.  Sweeten, to taste.

Fast, easy, and delicious!

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