Friday, March 6, 2015

Skillet Pizza!

Growling tummies and horrific traffic forced us to stop by a (really) small cafe and have lunch.  We weren't even sure if there was a lunch menu but there were cakes and if only to stop our stomachs from complaining of hunger, we took a chance.

Fortunately, there was a lunch menu, even if it was only comprised of 4 selections for entrees, the rest being sandwiches, salad and pizza.  The pizza was what got our attention!  The menu described it as super thin and crispy pizza (5 variants).  We asked how long the pizza would take and (surprise, surprise) the reply was 10 minutes!  And true enough, we were eating in about 9 minutes!

The crust was really thin and had a snap/bite to it.  And I was really intrigued!  And challenged.  I wanted to know the secret.  So, we ordered another pizza to take home.  I deconstructed the pizza.  And I figured out that the crust was some from of flatbread...  (the internet, as usual, was helpful with all its suggestions!)

my first attempt with a wheat tortilla... 

(a quarter of the pizza is just plain cheese for the little girl)

It was easy.  The tortillas, about 9 inches in diameter, were store bought.  I placed some quick-melt cheese on top, then scattered ham, mushrooms and pineapple tidbits (on 3/4 of the pizza).  I sprinkled grated Parmesan, mozarella and cheddar on top.  (The little girl actually helped.)

Oooops.  Before I started, I heated my 10-inch frying pan and let it heat up while I prepared everything else.

Anyway, I placed the whole thing in the skillet.  For a cover I used a pizza pan with holes!

Pizza in 10 minutes!  The best part?  The little girl ate her 2 slices (a quarter of the pizza) with gusto.  She then told me that I make the best things ever, ever (her words!).

We made another one for hubby, his being all veggie pizza.

We spread a thin layer of tomato sauce on the tortilla then sprinkled grated cheese (same trio).  Veggies - mushrooms, Spanish onions, tomatoes and yellow bell peppers - went on top, with more cheese sprinkled on top.  He loved it!

So pizza is what we're serving when his friends come over in a couple of days!

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