Thursday, March 19, 2015

Strawberry-Mango Jam

A couple of years ago I ventured into making a no-pectin, low-sugar "jam".  I wanted to try again, especially since I've been seeing a lot of strawberries in the market lately. 

But I wanted try a bit of variation.  In an attempt to use even less sugar, I decided to sweeten the "jam" with ripe mangoes (similar to the pineapple mango filling for the tarts last Chinese New Year).  So I used the basic recipe, substituting the pineapples with strawberries and using only 1 tablespoon of sugar to macerate the fruits with, and 2 tablespoons of honey for sweetness.  Of course I skipped the mixed spice and used some Tahitian vanilla extract instead.

The finished jam was quite thick and only a bit chunky.  But it was delicious!  The lingering flavor was that of strawberry, with only a slight hint of mango!  The yield, however, was less than the pineapple-mango.

It was deliciously divine with cream cheese and toast bread!

Who needs a bagel?

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